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Monitoring of cancer patients

AECC Balearic Islands. Contigo programme against cancer (With you against cancer)

Proactive monitoring of cancer patients with thorough, specialist and personalised care

follow-up calls


A cancer diagnosis can have a heavy emotional impact on both the patient and their close family and friends. To lighten the load and improve their quality of life, we offer 24/7 care with three services:

  • Medical orientation. Support and guidance with managing appointments and paperwork.
  • Psychological and social care. Emergency healthcare.
  • Emotional support.


We created Contigo, a direct hotline, in collaboration with our client, AECC Baleares, to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients. It is based on three fundamental pillars:


A professional, specialist and permanent care centre, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any type of emergency, including emotional support.


To be able to give a quick and efficient response, we coordinate with the different health and social care services required for each situation/request and each alert.


A schedule of preventative and breathing activities was put in place as part of the care for cancer patients, offering them tools and resources to help them improve their quality of life.

Results and conclusions

Since the launch of the Contigo programme in 2017, we have cared for over 150 cancer patients and their families in the Balearic Islands, earning a satisfaction rate of 98.5% from patients and family members.

The service combines the professionalism of the team with the possibilities of technological innovation. The success and adaptability of our service lies on the different formats we offer (in 2021 we added a mobile app), but what sets us apart is the human-centred, convenient personalised care. And this is reflected in the ratings given by users and their families.

This satisfaction rating and the number of monitoring calls (more than 9,000 since the service was launched) and alerts received (over 2,000), not only confirm that the approach works, but that it is needed, and it could be replicated and scaled to other areas and regions.

The human-centred perspective of care and its impact led to an article being written on the service in the Academic Journal of Health Sciences.

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