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Innovation for wellbeing

Health and social care innovation

Health and social care innovation is key to introduce into social ecosystems behaviour, habits and models which are substantially different to current trends.

Our focus is on implementing transformative models which improve the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of people from different perspectives which are complementary to purely technological models. The Atenzia Model includes new ways of doing, organising, and relating while maintaining a humanist version of care.

We are continuously researching and collaborating with leading academic and medical foundations and institutions, and we create synergies which allow us to be at the forefront in caring for people.

Innovación sociosanitaria

Technological innovation

Humanised care is also linked to the use of technology as tool at the service of people. Technology which improves quality of life and whose adoption necessarily requires natural, easy and intuitive user experiences. Users demand technical devices and procedures that are unintrusive and do not interfere in their daily activity. Technology which provides security and tranquillity while encouraging people’s autonomy.

Technological innovation brings improvements and tools to the Atenzia Model for increasingly sophisticated, accurate and sustainable care. An end-to-end digitalisation of all our services that incorporates the experience and knowledge of our team of healthcare professionals.

Technology acquires its true value only when it is focused on the wellbeing of our users and the skills of our professionals.

Innovación tecnológica

Collaborative methodology

At Atenzia we are involved in every project until it becomes reality. As an organisation, we are committed to our clients, designing personalised solutions to guarantee the most effective response to their needs.

In every project we include our model of care, unique for its scientific rigour and we adapt it to each situation. Our services design gives every user the opportunity to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Our methodology is composed of three phases of work in which we empathise, imagine and activate the ideal solution for your organisation and for the people we are to accompany. Our goal is to design the best service.

Metodología colaborativa

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