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Atenzia, the value of people

Human knowledge, experience and quality

As a company dedicated to caring for people, we have generated a company culture based on commitment, responsibility, respect and effort. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals motivated by our dedication to people. We work for users in different vulnerable circumstances, for their new needs and circumstances in the times we are experiencing as a society. More than 900 experts in health and social care wellbeing with whom we share a common goal: develop and bring to fruition a system of cutting-edge care services which is sustainable, inclusive and universal. Our team is made up of psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses and doctors, among others.

Talent attraction and management

Bringing talent into Atenzia is an opportunity to identify and attract professional profiles whose values and principles are in line with and reinforce our culture. We bring new skills and abilities to improve the wellbeing of our users and the value of our services.

We apply selection processes based on personal and professional skills to keep in line with the values of the organisation and our professionals. The aim is to attract and manage the most appropriate talent to achieve our mission.

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Constant learning

Providing a service for people demands a dynamic of continuous training. A process of adaptation and anticipation of changes in our society to meet our users’ and clients’ needs. For this reason training has been a constant feature right from our beginnings.

We design personalised training for each professional through surveys to find our first-hand their training needs, taking into account their annual performance review to create their itinerary of constant learning. These three factors combined with personal and professional development guarantee success.

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Shared knowledge

Being at the forefront of internal and external solutions encourages us to share, collaborate, and be flexible and dynamic in our methods for solving challenges. A diversity of visions enriches our focus and is promoted in all areas: it forms part of our vocation for leadership. Teamwork encourages group culture and the creation of optimal solutions for complex challenges.

This teamwork is possible thanks to shared transversal knowledge systems and processes. There, where we achieve excellence, sharing this knowledge with the rest of the organisation is prioritised.

Atenzia Nuestro Equipo

Vocation and commitment

It is vital that our collaborators share our main goal: to be committed to the people’s needs. Vocation, delivery, and care for the user and their needs are key values which are shared by all Atenzia professionals.

At Atenzia we are motivated by a passion for life

If you are motivated by the idea of working so every person can live as they wish, unrestricted by their age or circumstances, we would be delighted to meet you.

Search our vacancies to discover which positions fit your potential, write to us and we will get in touch.

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